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Being Skeptical
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I enjoy watching the World Poker Tour on the Travel Channel sometimes, but there's a promo for another series on the network that drives me batshit.

A guy in a leather jacket is standing by the side of a dark road. He says something like:

Do ghosts exist? Are some places really haunted? Is the Bermuda Triangle really cursed?

It's easy to be skeptical. But what if there really are supernatural events? Come with us as we explore this side of America on Weird Travels.

(Emphasis mine.)

That's the part that gets me every time. It's easy to be skeptical. Well, no, jackass. In my experience it's a hell of a lot easier to be gullible.

Now, I know I'm not exactly their target audience, but no matter how or where I hear it, this kind of crap pisses me off.

Yeah, being scientific, and employing logic, and asking for evidence and justification...those are the easy way. But taking whatever silly garbage you find at face value? Now that's difficult.

Read/Post Comments (2)

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