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Secular Nannytollahs
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From this morning's editorial page of my own local Dallas Morning News:

Some anti-pledgers may look at that ruling and think, aha, if we can only find the right person, we can run this protest back up the legal flagpole.

But please, folks, can we use common sense? We don't really need to keep fighting over the Pledge of Allegiance, not with topics like Iraq and prescription drugs fraying our national nerves. Los Angeles officials recently voted to remove tiny crosses from the county seal, which were put there to mark the historical influence of the Spanish missions, to avoid a threatened ACLU lawsuit. The secular nannytollahs need to give it a rest.

Sweet...I'm a secular nannytollah. I've always wanted a title I could wear with honor and esteem, a moniker that captured both the content of my character and the scope of my vision.

And now I have one. Mmmmm...secular nannytollah.

But the editorial also says this:

Besides, the pledge is largely ceremonial. It's not like saying a Christian prayer before a school football game, which clearly violates the First Amendment's prohibition against establishing a particular religion.

Hey, whoa doggy! I thought the establishment clause only prevented the U.S. government from setting up an American Church, with a big-ass cathedral on the Washington Mall. No? A school prayer at a football game does the trick?


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