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When to Care About a Politician's Sex Life
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William Saletan has a fairly pathetic article in Slate today, in which he apparently tries to equate a Republican Senate nominee taking his wife to a sex club with a Democratic President fucking a White House intern.

He notes that "Jack Ryan reached for every spin in the Clinton playbook—and then some." Then lists all of the reasons why the allegations aren't relevant. Then he follows that up with a list of comments from conservative journalists defending Ryan, before he concludes:

Now we know why Bill Clinton got impeached. He was in the wrong club.

Look, I don't give a shit about the adultery all know my views on marriage anyway. But anyone with an ounce of common sense can see the difference between consensual (if kinky) sex with your wife, and getting blowjobs and shoving cigars in the private nooks and crannies of someone who works for you.

Jesus H. Christ...part of my job is to package and deliver sexual harassment training. They warn against inappropriate eye contact or even compliments! We've made great progress in women's rights in this country, and now have a host of very good laws that help to protect women (and sometimes men) from being harassed and coerced into sexual relationships by their superiors. I lived in Japan for two years, and heard horror stories of women harassed by their bosses. In Japan, the laws and infrastructure for women's rights hasn't quite caught up.

If Clinton had been screwing some 20-something law student not associated with the White House at all, I'd agree with those who said it's not really all that earth-shattering. But he was abusing his position and power for sex from someone within his own office.

Comparing this with taking your wife to a kinky sex club and asking her if she wants to do it in front of other people...such a comparison is not only stupid, it shows a complete lack of perspective.

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