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Rich Man, Rich Man
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Just saw the John Kerry and John Edwards dual interview on 60 Minutes this evening, and if I'd ever entertained the idea of voting for them, that might have cinched it for me.

Leslie Stahl asked something like, "How do the two of you defend the criticism that you're running on as economic populists, while both enjoying enormous wealth?"

Kerry said something like, "You mean, this coming from millionaire Bush and millionaire Cheney and millionaire Rumsfeld and the rest."

Then his wife chimed in with something like, "I don't understand the criticism of someone, you know, being successful."

Get a clue, lady. The question wasn't just about being criticized for being was about being criticized for being rich while running on a campaign based around economic populism. It's about talking about "two Americas" and the "haves and have nots" when you're one of the ultra-haves. It's about friggin' hypocrisy.

Read/Post Comments (21)

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