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Kerry on The Daily Show
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I watched John Kerry's appearance on The Daily Show last night.

He came across as relaxed and friendly. But while his demeanor was good, the stuff he actually says leaves a lot to be desired.

Stewart started out by asking about Vietnam: "I watch a lot of the cable news shows, so I understand that you were never in Vietnam."

Pretty funny line, but Kerry's response was even funnier. He said he wanted to talk about the issues that really mattered, like health care and the economy. This from a guy who has voice overs and footage from his Vietnam buddies in every other campaign ad, who regularly trots these guys up on stage with him, and who mentions Vietnam every chance he gets.

He'd damn near made his service in Vietnam the centerpiece of his to act like he doesn't really want to talk about it is pretty silly.

He also repeated the whole schtick about how "We shouldn't go to war because we want to; We should only got to war because we have to." Hmm...this is the same guy who supported military action in both Bosnia and Somalia. So we had to fight in those places?

He also said he was disappointed that Bush had not used war as a "last resort". Again, if diplomacy (17 U.N. resolutions) and economic pressure (sanctions over a 12-year period) had not been exhausted with regard to Iraq, if this was not a prime example of war as a last resort...then what the hell is?

Anyway, Kerry seemed pretty likable...unfortunately, when he actually talks about issues he doesn't seem to make much sense.

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