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Morons Over Broadway
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Via Matt Yglesias, here's the RNC Not Welcome "Calls To Action" page.

The IndyBay page says:

Hundreds of thousands will converge to NYC on August 29th to confront the Republican elite’s agenda. The city has permitted United for Peace and Justice to converge on the West Side Highway along the Hudson River, away from the glutinous revelry of the Republican hordes. Meanwhile the Republicans will be carousing on Broadway, watching shows, drinking martinis and laughing at our ineffectiveness.

Or will they? Or will they not make it to their parties?

This is a call to all corners of America to DISRUPT their merry-making and TAKE OVER BROADWAY!

The Indymedia page, eliciting protests of Disney-themed Broadway shows says:

Every good little mouse in NYC knows the Republicans are only here to steal our cheese. This is our city! These are our theaters! Thousands of mice will swarm the streets to remind the forgetful old elephants that they are not welcome in this town. They will not be able to have fun at our expense without facing thousands of pissed off mice in the streets.

As Matt notes:

Now the president of the United States is a very bad man. Neverthelss, you have to ask yourself what is so protest-worthy about the idea of his supporters taking in a Broadway show? Are we laying down the broad principle that only liberals should go to the theater? I mean, if you get a whole bunch of people together and bring them to NYC, of course a lot of them will want to see something on Broadway.

I'd go a step further...these geniuses are trying to keep people from spending money in their city. "These are our theatres"? What kind of stupidity is that? I don't know the numbers offhand, but I'm guessing most of Broadway revenue comes from tourism.

Hey, let's hurt ourselves economically! That'll show 'em.

This is less egregious than blocking Nader supporters from signing petitions, but it's just as inane. They're blocking the streets to keep people from seeing Les Miserable!

Frankly, I'd be embarrassed to have these people on my side.

Read/Post Comments (16)

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