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Children Flying Jets and Driving Tanks
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Two callers on C-SPAN this morning wanted to see the Bush daughters in Iraq. "Why are other people sending their children to fight in Iraq, while the Bush twins get to make speeches?" This was the essential sentiment. Another said, "I had to register for the draft when I turned 18. Did the Bush girls? Why aren't they over there fighting?"

Well, for one, they're female, and only males have to register for Selective Service. This is a dumb policy, but the reason the Bush daughters haven't registered for the draft is because it isn't the law.

Thankfully, a Marine veteran called in and said something like, "I wish anti-war people would stop referring to our soldiers as 'children'. They're adults, who make choices. Every time they talk about 'sending our children', it's demeaning and patronizing, and undermines the entire principle of an all-volunteer force."

Read/Post Comments (8)

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