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Amendment 36
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That's the number of the proposed amendment to the Colorado state constitution, distributing their electoral college votes proportionally to the popular vote for President in their state.

And it looks like it's going to pass.

Unfortunately, in Texas, citizens are not able to propose state constitutional amendments directly (they have to solicit their state rep to do so). There ain't a snowball's chance that my state rep is going to do so.

What state are you in (if you're American)? Do you know if you're even able by law to start a ballot initiative to try to amend your constitution?

It seems like a state-by-state, grassroots effort is the best way to overcome the unfair, undemocratic idiocy of the electoral college, since the bar is so extremely high (and rightly so) for amending the U.S. Constitution.

It doesn't seem to have pissed off the Democrats enough from losing 2000...they're more likely to blame the loss on cronyism, corruption, or conspiracy than on the obvious culprit. And I don't see Republicans screaming for its repeal, even if it caused them to lose.

So it's gonna have to be done at the state level if it's going to change. Anybody willing to try?

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