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Polygamy Revisited
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A while back I blogged about the silliness of making polygamy illegal, and the potential benefit of family units being made up of more than just one man and one woman.

Well, I found someone who agrees:

Not only do I not have a problem with it, I personally think that stable polygamous marriages are a net benefit for society. What's the hardest thing about raising kids today? The fact that economics often force both parents to work. But what if you have a stable marriage of three or four people? That makes it a lot easier to make sure that there's a parent with the children at all times. A lot better than day care, I say.

Yup...we have a deeply-ingrained societal prejudice against non-one-to-one relationships (although a very large segment of our population actually pledges to love and have sex with only one other person while resoundingly ignoring that pledge).

Meanwhile, our societal trend has moved to smaller and smaller family units. Might a trend in the other direction, even with its subsequent logistical headaches, be better?

Read/Post Comments (7)

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