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Carlson on Kerry on Iraq
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I thought this exchange between Bill Maher and Tucker Carlson about Kerry on Iraq was right on.

MAHER: So I understand that you are a swing voter, that you have not decided yet, that you might vote for President Bush and you might not. Did that debate last night help you make up your mind?

CARLSON: No, I mean, look, it comes down to how you feel about Iraq. I mean, the polls -- you know, Bush's approval rating and people's feelings about Iraq track almost perfectly. The election is about Iraq. If you approve of the war, you're for Bush. If you don't, you're not. It doesn't mean you're for Kerry, but it's sort of hard to support Bush if you think invading Iraq was a bad idea.

MAHER: And you--

CARLSON: But just because you think it was a bad idea doesn't mean you have to be for Kerry. I mean, Kerry -- look, Kerry is a coward on the subject. If Kerry was to follow the reasoning of his own arguments--

MAHER: I agree.

CARLSON: --to its logical conclusion, he would say, "We ought to get out now. The war was a bad idea. Why are we still there?" And maybe in fact it was better to have Saddam in there. Maybe Saddam, as bad as he was--

MAHER: Right.

CARLSON: --was not the worst we could get. Maybe chaos was the worst we could get. That's the truth.


CARLSON: And Kerry doesn't have the stones to say it.


Read/Post Comments (5)

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