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Ali vs. Hitchens
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Here's a debate between Christopher Hitchens and Tariq Ali, sponsored by Democracy Now.

It's pretty should read the whole thing. But I want to focus on this exchange:

AMY GOODMAN: Christopher Hitchens, your response to the debate Friday night.

CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS: Well, I must say I have never listened to Bush before. I've only sort of watched him, as it were. And there's something even more excruciating in a way about just hearing him. But it was a clear knockout, I thought, from his side. The people I feel sorry for, pitiful that Bush is, are those who are genuinely anti-war, such as yourself and Tariq, who find themselves having to hope, I presume, for the election of a Kerry-Edwards team that's committed to carrying on the war, except without the sense of conviction that, for example, I feel, that it's a just war and has to be won.


CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS: It's an awkward situation for an anti-war person to be in.

TARIQ ALI: Well, I'm afraid that Christopher is right about that. It is an awkward situation for us to be in, that the only person Ð that the candidate the Democrats have chosen has been extremely wishy-washy on the war and still can't come clean and say that if it's the wrong war in the wrong place, then the obvious thing he needs to do the minute he comes to power is organize an orderly withdrawal, which is not what he's saying.

Of course, I risk being called a broken record here, but perhaps that's because no one will answer the fucking question: If Iraq was the wrong war at the wrong time, why should we stay?

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