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Sadomasochistic Group Sex
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Sacha Zimmerman has a pretty funny review of Laurell K. Hamilton's latest werewolf/vampire book.

She notes, for example:

If you're naïve like me, then you may suppose that sadomasochistic group sex is, shall we say, a fringe fetish. But, if the popularity of Hamilton's novel is any indication, it seems that American women are having--or at least fantasizing about--a great deal of sadomasochistic group sex. A great, great deal. So, though I happily recommended the saucy advice included in porn star diva Jenna Jameson's memoir, I see now how that was mere child's play. It was mainstream porn; it was blonde and cute and acceptable. So gentlemen, listen up: I must conclude based on Hamilton's sales that women would like to be mauled violently during intercourse by werewolves, wereleopards, vampires, and the undead. Are you boys up for that?

Hmm...probably not.

I don't know if her psychoanalysis is on the mark here. And I haven't ever read any of Hamilton's stuff. Anybody out there a fan?

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