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Too Close to Call
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Those are the headlines everywhere, though it looks like Bush has the edge so far in Ohio.

If that holds up, I'm at least somewhat relieved to see that Bush got 3.5 million more popular votes. That's a big surprise, that the increased voter turnout helped Bush overall...nearly everyone predicted the opposite. If Bush's lead in Ohio does hold up, at least it's a clearer mandate per the popular vote. Though I don't think it will mollify most people. I'm not looking forward to four more years of anti-Bush polemics and conversations about what a moron he and his supporters are. Oh yeah.

If it somehow turns the other way, and Kerry ends up pulling out Ohio, I hope it pisses enough people off to get the system changed. After all, Republicans will continue to control Congress, and even if you're a Democrat, you should be outraged that someone could win the popular vote by 3.5 million and still lose the office.

Here's to hoping we at least find out today, and that there aren't protracted legal battles in Ohio.

Read/Post Comments (8)

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