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The Last Maher of the Season
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Check out this transcript of Bill Maher's last show of the season, in which Maher and Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson go at each other's throats...

SIMPSON: You’re making fun – well, you’re making fun of Americans who have some religious bent or a faith. Keep doing that and your people will never win an election. Because whether you and I like it or not, this is the only country on the face of the earth that was founded because of religious persecution and a belief in God. That’s why they left Europe. So keep making fun of them. Keep making fun of the gays and the lesbians, pulling people in, tearing people up, thinking that Hollywood has all the brains in America, from people who are making millions of bucks on one movie and telling the rest of the people, and making fun of them, and you’ll never make it, never make it.

MAHER: You know, to quote the president, “I’m getting a mixed message from you, Senator.” [laughter] I mean, either I’m making fun of the religious people or I’m making fun of the gay people. I can’t be doing both, can I?

SIMPSON: Well, you just made a little crack. You know, it was funny-funny, you know. Party-party. You know, those are little cracks. Those are smart, little cracks about the gay/lesbian people. [laughter]

MAHER: Senator, are you, yourself, gay, because I—[laughter] [applause] [Simpson says something inaudible under laughter]—I have not heard – I have not heard anybody be this sensitive about a gay joke since Harvey Fierstein. [laughter]

SIMPSON: Well, keep telling them. You keep telling them. I think they’re offensive.

MAHER: Okay, I will keep telling them.

SIMPSON: You keep telling them.

MAHER: All right, it’s my job.

SIMPSON: To me, they’re offensive. Yeah. So have a go at it. Make fun of people.

MAHER: All right. Well, I apologize to the—

SIMPSON: [overlapping] Wonder why – wonder why you lose—

MAHER: [overlapping]—two gay people in Wyoming. [laughter]

SIMPSON: [overlapping]—why don’t you make fun – why don’t you – oh, come on, pal, that’s just bullshit. [laughter] [applause] And I don’t have to come on this program – I don’t have to come on this program, when Matthew Shepard was killed in this state, and the people of this state were offended. So put that one in your pipe!

...Andrew Sullivan makes a good point...

SULLIVAN: And we have to keep saying that and keep telling them. But my fear is that by demonizing these people and pushing them up against a wall, we will not have that dialogue. We will not get the best out of this country.

SCHROEDER: But they demonize us. They demonize us, too. [applause]

HUGHLEY: But the thing is—

SULLIVAN: Two demonizations is not going to solve the problem.

...and good ol' Noam Chomsky equates the US with Nazis:

CHOMSKY: The invasion of Iraq was simply a war crime, straight out war crime. [applause] [cheers] If we are not – if we don’t want to be hypocrites in the sense condemned in the Bible, we’ll apply to ourselves the judgment of the Nuremberg Tribunal, for example, which said that aggression, invasion is the supreme international crime, which includes within it all subsequent crimes, including all of those that are taking place now. So when the invade Fallujah, as I suppose they will, after having driven out most of the population, probably smash the place up, it will add to the enormous casualty lists which may be in the range of 100,000 by now, maybe more, maybe less. And there’s more to come.


Anyway, lots of crazy (and interesting) shit on this the whole thing. It's a hoot.

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