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The Hand of Gawd
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I was listening to C-SPAN this morning as I ironed my pants, and this old lady called in and started talking about child prostitution in Thailand.

I saw this special on the TV last year, she said. About how in Thailand they sell little boys and girls to Americans and other European men who go over there. They can get oral sex and anal sex and anything they want with 7 year-olds. And at one point in the show they opened the door to this room and there were so many of these children just waiting to be paid for to have sex with...

And just where in the hell is she going with this? I thought.

Those waves were the hand of god, she said. I hope it just swept away all those poor little children so they wouldn't have to suffer any more, and killed those people who knew what was going on.

Yes, my dear madwoman, I'm sure god guided those waves and targetted only the suffering innocent and the knowing corrupt.

Man, that lady was depressing. It's even more depressing to think about how many people might share similiar views.

Read/Post Comments (3)

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