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Eugene Volokh regularly fact-checks and points out the general lameness of the Bushisms posted on Slate's site. This time he actually got them to retract one.

Bushism of the Day:

Slate's Bushism of the Day for today is:

"Listen, the other day I was asked about the National Intelligence Estimate, which is a National Intelligence Estimate." — Washington, D.C., Sep. 23, 2004

Ha ha ha. That President of ours, he's such a doofus. Why would he say "about the National Intelligence Estimate, which is a National Intelligence Estimate"? Hard to believe, but there it is. Or, wait a minute, maybe because it's hard to believe, we should double-check before believing it, no? That is, unless we're so wedded to the "Bush Talks Funny" meme that we've relaxed our normal skepticism and journalistic caution.

Fortunately, reader Jacob Kaufman's skepticism and caution hadn't relaxed, so he found the White House transcript (remember, Slate's Bushism of the Day column never includes pointers to the transcripts). That site happens to have the audio. And the audio, at a little after 30:54, shows that Bush said:

Listen, the other day I was asked about the NIE, which is a National Intelligence Estimate.

Yup, that's right. President Bush used the abbreviation, and then explained what the abbreviation meant.

But they still haven't posted a correction.

As Volokh has also repeatedly pointed out, Slate never links to the actual source (even though most of the time it is available on-line). That's not just shitty journalism or even humor writing, that's bad web design. There's no excuse for a web publication not to link to a source that it references.


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