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The Party of Science and Rationality
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Bill Maher was on Larry King last night. He said, among other things:

MAHER: You know, I read very disturbing things about how in this country they're not even teaching evolution anymore, or they have to teach two versions of evolution. You know, the one that is agreed by every scientist in the world, and the other one that has to do with snakes and naked ladies. What century are we living in? What country is this? We have to pretend in this idea of what do they call it? Some -- I can't remember the phrase, but they have some word for -- intelligent design, which is a sneaky way of saying, OK, you know, we sort of believe in evolution, but really it's God. God's involved.

Whatever. You know, why don't you just tell me that water boils at 400 degrees? It's a nice, even number. It's just not scientifically true. Why can't we have a country that's run by science? Why can't we have just one of those parties? That's what I mean about the Democrats. Why can't we have one party that says, OK, we're going to run it by God and religion and one party that says, you know, we have another way, science and rationality. That's who we are as Democrats.

(via EvolutionBlog)

Um, yeah. Democrats are the party of science and rationality. I flipped over to C-SPAN the other day to a DNC breakfast or something, and a woman was standing with her head bowed, eyes squeezed shut, asking Jesus Christ to look over the proceedings.

If the Dems are the party of science and rationality, I guess that explains the unanimous 99-0 vote in the Senate affirming the use of the phrase "under god" in the Pledge in the wake of the 9th Circuit Court's decision that it was unconstitutional.

Maybe Maher wants the Dems to be the party of science and rationality. But please...please do not pretend that they are. Dems wrap themselves in religion just as much as Republicans. If anything, their public religiosity is worse, if it really is simply a cynical ploy. At least the Republicans actually believe it.

This is why we need a new third party, folks.

Read/Post Comments (9)

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