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Sending Marines Into Darfur
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Joe Biden was on the first new episode of the season for Bill Maher's show.

Don Cheadle was also a guest, and they were talking about genocide in African countries. And there was this exchange about our priorities and why we haven't intervened in the Sudan:

BIDEN: It's not the American people. It's leadership.

WILLIAMS: Absolutely.

BIDEN: If the President of the United States stood up today and said to this audience, “I'm going to send 2,000 Marines into Darfur to coordinate this operation, the American public would support it.

MAHER: Right.

BIDEN: If he's laid out what he had to do. [applause]

Uh, with all due respect to Sen. Biden...horseshit.

There would be no cries of "unilateralism", "imperialism", and so on? Give me a fucking break.

The Europeans don't want to get involved because they never want to get involved...they want to drag stuff out through the UN and pass endless meaningless resolutions, and occasionally send small contingents of soldiers who are basically tokens to let they say they've done something when they really haven't. The Chinese have actively blocked every effort to achieve any kind of consensus through the UN because they have oil interests in the Sudan. If we sent troops it would do an end around the UN and trump the Chinese veto. You're telling me the same people who were against Iraq are going to support Bush going into the Sudan?

Yeah, right.

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