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Million Dollar Maybe
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So I didn't watch much of the Oscars on Sunday...maybe 10 minutes total.

I was disappointed, but not surprised, to see that Million Dollar Baby nearly swept, winning Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress, and Best Supporting Actor.

Cause wasn't that great.


Basically, it's your typical up-from-the-streets, underdog-defies-all-odds-to-win-it-all boxing movie, with a not-so-typical, protracted ending dealing with euthanasia.

My main problem with the movie is, it didn't seem real. The whole "Yes, Boss", I'm gonna wear you down and make you train me and love me bit seemed so...scripted, that I couldn't suspend disbelief. Morgan Freeman's one-eyed ex-contender didn't fly for me either...and I'm a big fan of his. His whole defense of the clueless wannabe seemed so...scripted.

The bad girl, the German bull dyke villain was so over the top I wondered if I wasn't watching a WWF episode (or maybe Rocky II...she almost made Clubber Lang seem believable). And then there was the White Trash Family. I have no doubt there are poor people who would exploit their loved ones in such a circumstance, but the way they were written was again so over the top that it was silly. They didn't come across as human beings...they were stereotypes in Disneyland T-shirts. And I didn't believe a minute of it.

So when the ending seemed in sight, and simply wouldn't come, I was almost ready for a shot from Clint myself. Our boxing baby breaks her neck on a misplaced stool with a sucker punch from the sneering German lesbo and just when you were ready for the denouement, hold your horses, because this movie gotta lotta mo'.

Our heroine begs Eastwood's character to kill her, and when he refuses, she tries to chew her tongue off and do the job herself...not just once, but twice. So then he finally finishes her off and buys a nice cafe in the woods to live out the rest of his life.


Well, if a well-tread formula stocked with artificial characters and contrived situations, all with a protracted, depressing mercy killing at the end are your cup of tea...then this year's Oscar winner is the one for you.

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