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Ten Commandments Case Recap
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Dahlia Lithwick provides a blow-by-blow of the oral arguments before the Supreme Court yesterday. In describing Scalia's behavior, I think she pretty much nails the whole reason why people who want the Ten Commandments displayed in courthouses really want them displayed:

Throughout the morning it becomes increasingly clear that Scalia is the only member of the court who is being truly honest. His position: Sure, the display is religious and not secular. Let's put up some crosses, too, and have a revival meeting. In this sense, Scalia represents the vast majority of the protesters outside. They are not venerating the historical secular influence of the commandments, whatever the lawyers inside the courthouse may say. They just really like God.

Yep...that's pretty much it. I always find it interesting when supporters of religion in government basically argue that a phrase like "under god" is not religious so they can just get it in there. If it's secular, they are basically watering down their religion by secularizing it and adding it to public life. But really the argument is phony, since they know it's religious and that's why they want it in there in the first place.

Anyway, Lithwick's account is pretty funny and informative overall...go check out the whole thing.

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