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So then Wesley Clark was on CSPAN, and the host asked him if he were suprised that there were no WMD in Iraq. After some hemming and hawing he said:

Yes, I was surprised there were no WMD in Iraq. I had assumed that they still had chemical weapons. I had assumed they still had some biological weapons. I had assumed they still had an active nuclear program.

Wha-huh? So this guy wanted to be the leader of America? As President, he would have believed all of these things to be true, based upon the intelligence, just as George Bush did. He would have assessed Iraq as being in complete noncompliance with all treaties and resolutions. He obviously did not believe that the inspections were working, if he, as Allied Supreme Commander of NATO, with access to very high level intelligence, believed all these things, he still would have continued the status quo?

What the holy hell?

I thought the Democratic line was that we were all duped by Bush. That you'd have to have been a moron to have believed that Iraq had WMD before the war. That inspections were working. That Saddam was in compliance.

But Wesley Clark apparently believed that Saddam was a threat (by golly, even an imminent threat, with all that weaponry), and he still would have continued the sanctions, the cat-and-mouse game, the corrupt oil-for-food sham? Say what?

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