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Pelosi on This Week
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Two of the most annoying people in the world were on This Week with George Stephanopoulos yesterday, Democratic leader in the House Nancy Pelosi and Pat Robertson. I just couldn't stand it when Pat came on, but I listed to a good portion of the Pelosi interview.

Kudos to Stephanopoulos for staying on her for the first 15 minutes of the show, trying to pin her down on what the hell the Democrats might possibly propose in lieu of Bush's plan.

He asked her about four times what the Democratic plan was...her response? Not Bush's plan. He even showed estimates from non-partisan commissions estimating that down the road, if nothing is done, everyone's benefits will be cut drastically because of budget shortfalls. He asked why Bush's plan wasn't better than doing nothing?

But we're not going to do nothing, she said. Democrats are committed to saving Social Security.

How? he asked.

Well first we've got to make sure Bush's plan is defeated.

Uh, I said.

Stephanopoulos asked why Americans should trust Democrats if they're not willing to put forth any ideas.

Because we're the party that came up with Social Security, was her answer.

I just couldn't keep watching after head hurt too much.

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