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The Texas House Outlaws Pelvic Thrusts
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After one of the most surprising, emotional and nail-biting debates of this year's session, the House narrowly approved a bill that has brought national attention – and sometimes mockery – to Texas and the Legislature. It would allow the Texas Education Agency to set standards for sexually suggestive performances and direct state and local officials to respond to complaints about routines.

That would be cheerleading and drill squad routines. Yes, the Texas House just passed a law restricting how racy cheerleading routines can be.

Why? Let's hear from the author of the bill, Rep. Al Edwards, D-Houston. Um, hold on a sec. Is that a "D" by his name? This guy is a democrat? Oh dear. Anyway:

"Our 12, 14, 16, 18-year-old girls can get out and do all these overly sexual performances, and we applaud them. And that's not right," Mr. Edwards told House members. "When I am asked the question, 'Aren't there more important things to do?' I say nothing that we do up here is more important than our children. ... I say to you, this is the beginning of an era to change what we've been seeing."

Yes, hear hear. Nothing is more important than our children. Some people might say this bill is stupid. A waste of time. The ACLU has pointed out that there are already statutes prohibiting public lewdness on school campuses.

But I support this bill, provided that I get to be the one who gets alerted to these unseemly performances and get to view this sort of filth over and over and over and rule on just how sexually explicit it is and whether it crosses the bounds of common decency.

But unless I'm on the enforcement team...yeah, it's effing moronic.

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