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Product Placement in Schwarzenegger Ads
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Not sure if you guys have heard of the controversy around a recent political ad featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger in which some people are accusing him of product placement.

The TV ad, released in May, features Schwarzenegger talking to people in a lunchroom, and places Pepsi and Arrowhead Water in prominent spots next to the governor for one-third of the ad.

Donors connected to Pepsi Co. and Arrowhead Water's parent company, Nestle, gave the governor a total of $279,800 in campaign contributions. Also recognizable on-screen are Ruffles, Sun Chips, Cheetos and a SoBe Beverage, all brands owned by Pepsi.

Actually, here's a blog entry with some screen shots from the actual ad.

Granted, this isn't the whole ad, but there are four pics. The first shows a bottle of Arrowhead water and what is clearly a can of Diet Dr. Pepper (not owned by PepsiCo). The second shows a Pepsi label.

Maybe I'm just going out on a limb here, but is it possible they were just trying to show a realistic lunchroom? Is it just possible this is a goofy overreaction by political opponents?


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