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Stripping Rights
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Arnold Schwarzenegger is calling for a special election for a number of issues to be taken directly to California voters. Here is the CNN story...note the language:

He wants voters to consider measures that would cap state spending, strip lawmakers of their power to draw legislative boundaries and increase the amount of time it takes public school teachers to get tenure.

I'm not one to yell about media bias as a generality, but when I see individual instances this egregious it does piss me off.

The plan, which I've talked about before, includes the following:

  • 2001 boundaries would be voided. Redistricting of Senatorial, Assembly, Congressional, and Board of Equalization districts would begin within 20 days of passage.
  • A panel of three retired judges, called Special Masters, would draw the new districts.
  • Details of the process for selecting the Special Masters from a pool of 16 retired judges who have never held partisan office are at "Redistricting Reform: The Voter Empowerment Act" SECTION 2. This selection process includes the participation of legislative leaders.
  • Criteria for redistricting would include population parity, compliance with federal statutes (including the Voting Rights Act), and to the greatest extent practicable, the preservation of county and city lines.
  • No consideration given as to the potential effects on incumbents or political parties. No data regarding the voting history of electors may be used, except as required by federal law.
  • The final redistricting plan would be submitted to the voters as an initiative statute in the next general election.
  • If the voters reject the plan, a new panel of Special Masters is appointed and the process begins again.

Of course in CNN vernacular this gets translated into "strip lawmakers of their power to draw legislative boundaries".

Could you guys wear your politics on your sleeve just a bit more? Sheesh.

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