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Here Comes Katrina
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Looks like I picked the right time to move to Louisiana.

Hurricane Katrina has alternately been graded as a Category 4 or 5...either way it's a big-ass storm and it's headed right for Louisiana. I'm further west, so we're supposed to just get what the forecast calls "squalls". Nice.

Actually, even though I lived most of my life in Texas, during my two years in Japan I did experience a couple of hurricanes (they call them typhoons over there). Actually, on the day I travled to Nagoya to renew my visa for my second year in Japan, there was a hell of a storm. So bad that me and my friend pulled over to a coffee shop because it was too damned windy and rainy to even drive. The coffee shop had one whole wall of plate glass, and while we were there, waiting the storm out, the wind blew that whole wall of glass in, injuring about half a dozen people (we sat on the FAR side of the room and weren't hurt).

Anyway, here's hoping that my new home stays on the periphery of the storm system, and that for those directly in the path, it's not nearly as bad as they say it's gonna be.

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