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Sullivan on Exodus Ministries
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Heh...the rapid-fire editability of the internet in action.

I visited Andrew Sullivan's site this morning and noticed an entry on Bush's new Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers, and some of her pro bono work for Christian charities, specificially one called Exodus Ministries. Sullivan linked to this site, then proceeded to talk about how this was an attack on gays and gay rights and how Karl Rove was using this nomination as further ammunition in the culture wars to fire up the Republican base, and so on and so forth.

Because see, the link above goes to a site for an organization that tries to cure/convert gay people...that is, reclaim them to heterosexuality for the lord. Okay. You guys probably know how I feel about this by now, but I'll reiterate anyway. Sexuality is a complex human trait, and thus is a combination of innate and environmental factors, as with any other complex human trait. I think people have some flexibility in modifiying their sexual preferences, but not a whole hell of a lot. I also believe that as long as you're not harming anyone and are engaged in acts with consensual adults, and are not impinging on anyone's privacy, then go for it. I suppose these people would say that the homosexuals are hurting themselves. To which I would say that's their right as well.

So anyway...I was gonna blog about all this, and so I revisit Sullivan's page and the entry is gone. Okay. About ten minutes later a new one is up, the one you're presumably getting if you click the link above.

Ah, turns out there's another Exodus Ministries, and these guys aren't running around trying to stop all that gay sex.

I'm guessing somebody shot him an email as soon as it hit the site, so now he's taken all that stuff about Rove and the culture wars down.

Anyway, I thought it was kind of cool. Like reading a newspaper and getting an instant revision/correction. As for the topic at hand, there's plenty interesting there as well.

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