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Atheism as Religion
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I've brought this topic up before, but it always irks me. Yesterday on the radio Rush Limbaugh said:

Atheists are just as religious as Christians or Muslims, and the funniest part is, they just don't know it.

Hmm...okay. If by "religious" he means they cling to a belief without any real evidence or common sense to back it up, I suppose that does account for some atheists. However, most of the ones I've talked to espouse an extreme form of skepticism, a frame of mind I'd consider the exact opposite of religious thought.

Besides, you'd think someone who considered themselves religious would want to make a distinction between themselves and non-believers, not lump them in. "He's a deeply religious man" should mean the guy is spiritual, close to god, etc. right? Would you want the same sentiment to apply to an atheist?

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