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Nobel Lunacy
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So Harold Pinter, a British playwright, was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature this year.

Haven't seen any of his plays, but reading up on him it turns out he's not a big fan of America or American policies:

"The US is really beyond reason now. It is beyond our imagining to know what they are going to do next and what they are prepared to do. There is only one comparison: Nazi Germany.

Nazi Germany wanted total domination of Europe and they nearly did it. The US wants total domination of the world and is about to consolidate that."

We are? Damn, and all this time I didn't notice.

Okay. So the guy is into hyperbole and overstates things a bit. Not saying I'd give him a pass on calling us Nazis, but then I find out he's a member of something called The International Committee to Defend Slobodan Milosevic. Uh, here's what these people think:

The ICDSM condemns the unconstitutional and illegal abduction of president Milosevic and his delivery to the Hague "tribunal" as an attack on Yugoslav sovereignty carried out by the USA, NATO and their Serbian puppets. The ICDSM demands the immediate release of president Milosevic from his illegal detention in the Hague and the abolition of the illegitimate so-called "International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia" as an extension of NATO and a tool used against the resistance of freedom fighters and patriots.

Okay...there's radical, there's radical, and then there's wanting to free Slobodan fucking Milosevic, you know, the guy responsible for this:

Srebrenica, Bosnia, the world's first United Nations Safe Area, was the site of the worst case of genocide in Europe since World War II. In July 1995, the Bosnian Serb army staged a brutal takeover of the small, intimate spa town and its surrounding region. Over a period of five days, the Bosnian Serb soldiers separated Muslim families and systematically murdered over 7,000 men and boys in fields, schools, and warehouses.

Maybe the guy writes splendid plays. But does the Nobel committee not check anything else out about the person? Damn.

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