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But What We Had Was Special
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Check this out (via Volokh):

A defamation suit against the front man of the rock band KISS by an ex-girlfriend will go forward following a Manhattan judge's denial Wednesday of his motion to dismiss.

Georgeann Walsh Ward claims that Gene Simmons, who boasts of having slept with 4,600 women, defamed her in the VH1 documentary "When KISS Ruled the World," which "repeatedly falsely portrayed her as an unchaste woman," Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Rosalyn Richter wrote in Ward v. Klein a.k.a. Simmons, 100231-05.

Justice Richter held that the issue is a question of fact and denied Simmons's motion.'s a question of fact that someone was defamed? I guess I don't understand the law, but that seems like an awfully subjective opinion to me.

Basically the woman is saying that she had a monogamous relationship with Simmons before KISS formed, but that the documentary portrays her as a groupie.

Now I've heard Simmons speak. It is highly unlikely that the guy who was forming KISS had some sort of deep respect for women and the sanctity of relationships before he started putting on the make-up.

It seems to me what we have a case of here is a man who probably didn't value the relationship (probably didn't even think there was a relationship). It's likely he thought she was a nice piece of meat to bang. Meanwhile, she had a vastly different perspective on the relationship, thinking it was somehow special.

Now the lawsuit may actually have might portray her in a horrible light (I haven't seen it). But Simmons' argument is that he saw himself as a whore at that time, screwing anything that moved. So presumably they didn't have a monogamous relationship.

In that sense, the whole lawsuit seems a little silly. We'll see though...

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