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Watching a Pig Get Its Throat Cut
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Otherwise known in Louisiana as a boucherie:

Traditionally, a boucherie was a communal butchering sponsored by a Cajun family and joined by neighboring families. Cattle or swine were usually slaughtered, and the meat and by-products were shared among participants. Boucheries ensured a fresh supply of meat for the community, and also provided an opportunity for socializing. Refrigeration made the boucherie unnecessary, but the practice still occurs on a limited basis, and largely for social purposes.

So I went to one yesterday. Mostly it was your standard small-town fair kind of stuff. Beer stands, trinket booths, a blow-up castle for the kids to jump around in. Oh, and a pig in a little trailer waiting to be killed.

They were supposed to kill it around 1:30pm. But they didn't drag it out until after 2. Four guys from the a local butcher/restaurant dragged it squealing out of the trailer. A little boy of about 8 handed one of them a knife with a foot-long blade. People crowded around, and the lead guy cut its throat.

They had a table set up to chop it up. Supposedly, later there would be a pig squealing contest. Didn't stick around for that.

The whole thing reminded me of the time I went to the bullfights in Mexico. People brought their little kids to the show. Sure, in the boucherie they're actually gonna eat the pig, but I reckon it's just an excuse to share in a little community bloodlust. It also reminded me of this little story.

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