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Black. White.
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So apparently there's a new reality TV show on FX called Black. White., in which a make-up artist transforms a black family into whites, and a white family into blacks. I was reading this unfavorable review in Slate, but it didn't really have any good pictures.

So I went to the FX website. So...interesting. I'm reminded of the old Eddie Murphy skit on SNL when he does the same thing (he watches a lot of Dynasty to make sure he knows how to act like white people...hint: we clench our butt cheeks when we walk).

Anyway, what stuck out to me is that the black -> white transformation just isn't very convincing, although the white people look extremely convincing as blacks. Not sure if this has to do with deep bone structure or what. Maybe it's my subjective experience as a white person...don't think so, though. The "transformed" black family still look like minorities to me, Puerto Rican or something.

So I'm not sure how valid it's going to be to gauge the reactions of people on the street. Has anyone actually seen this show?

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