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Superman Returns
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Eh, it was okay.

The special effects were good, but it's pretty sad when it didn't really do anything better than the 1978 version. I came out of the movie today thinking the original Superman was funnier, more exciting, and more emotionally engaging than this one.

Don't know if it was the writing or the acting or the directing. I was pretty hyped up about it since Singer was directing, and he did such a good job with X-Men. But this one just felt flat.

[Spoilers Ahead]

People criticized me for saying Darth Vader was just too much of a monster to relate to after slaughtering kids in the last movie, but I had a similar problem with Lex Luthor in this one, so flame away.

When his girlfriend says, "But millions will die, Lex" he grins and says, "Billions!" Um, Luthor always struck me as the kind of guy who craved power and money and would do whatever it took to get it, but I never really got the impression that he just got off on killing people. He's pretty much a full-blown psychopath in this one, and I think that makes him a less interesting villain.

Also, the ending was lame. He flies out to this new island laden with kryponite and gets as weak as a schoolgirl. His plan to get rid of it? Fly underneath it and hurl it into space. Huh? I thought maybe there was enough "normal" earth to protect him...maybe that's how it was supposed to work. But you could see the kryponite all over the place. I dunno, you could rationalize it, but it seemed like a pretty lame ass resolution to me.

And the movie's too damned long. No reason for it to be over 2 hours. None. A bit of trimming and it would have been a lot better. As it was, it was pretty so-so.

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