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Deja Vu
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I saw this movie on video the other day. The plot actually wrapped up reasonably nicely, but the science was just silly, the acting wasn't that great, and much of the dialogue was just horrible.

My favorite line came from when the scientist tried to explain how the system that can perfectly recreate a 3D representation of reality exactly 4 days and 6 hours ago. Denzel Washington's character (a cop, of course), says:

I told you to explain it to me, not talk a bunch of science at me!


You know you're in trouble in a movie when they try to take time to explain how the impossible technology works. Note to filmmakers: Don't even're just going to make it worse. We're going to have to suspend disbelief anyway, but when you throw in a bunch of technobabble, that actually doesn't help. And then there's always the bit with the hero saying some variant of "Could you say that again in English, Mister Pointy-Headed Scientist?" And then the scientist uses some stupid metaphor: "It's like if we put you in a giant slingshot and shot you through the space-time continuum."

I always thought it would make a good comedy sketch if a scientist had to explain something like the birds and the bees to a cop.

Doctor: You see, an embryo is formed when sperm from the male fuses with the female's egg, at which point the DNA from both the mother and father become one strand, and the cell divides, and then those cells divide, and so forth.

Cop: I asked you to explain it, not talk a bunch of science at me!

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