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Friday Poll
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I'm reading The Electric Church now, which is pretty good. It's a cyberpunk tale of a street assassin hired to kill the leader of a new religion that forcibly converts people, kidnapping them and surgically implanting their brains into Monks, robots that are super-fast killing machines. The robot shell uses the brain's computing power for perception and movement, but override's executive control, but the person's identity is still in there, and conscious the whole time. So basically people who are converted are slaves in their own bodies, passengers along for the ride, perceiving everything, but unable to execute their own will. The actions carried out are those of the robot, programmed by the church. Seemed like a pretty horrifying idea.

I figured I'd try out a poll, using, and see how it goes. Being buried alive seems like a pretty horrible fate, but you're likely to die within a day or two. The situations seem analogous, but I was wondering which one you guys would find more horrible. So vote already.

Would you rather be buried alive and die within a day or two, or be a mind trapped in a body you couldn't control for many years?
Buried Alive
Trapped in Body

Read/Post Comments (4)

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