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Cornel West and Gobbledygook
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I know I swore never to watch Real Time with Bill Maher again, after his finding out his lunatic positions on health care, but sometimes I just can't help myself. Besides, his guests on April 18th included Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and I'm a big fan of hers.

Anyway, the first question had to do with the latest Democratic debate. Check out this exchange between Cornel West and Bill Maher:

MAHER: Right. And this stuff about Barack Obama being elitist. Let me ask you this, Doctor. Do you think a black man in America can be elitist? Can you be a black elitist in America?

WEST: Oh, certainly, certainly. But we have to define what we mean by "elitism." See, "elitism" could mean just someone who knows more in the face of relative ignorance. [applause] Or, "elitism" could mean being arrogant, condescending and being haughty toward everyday people, or those Sly Stone called "everyday people." And the question becomes, what kind of elitism are we talking about, you see.

If, in fact – I mean, for me, the fundamental question has to do what are the lens [sic] through which we actually view, or the criteria we evaluate the remarks made by the candidates? The media elitism is so true. But, what are the real standards that we have? If we’re concerned about unarmed truth, and understand the condition of truth is to allow suffering to speak, and unconditional love, understanding justice is what love looks like in public, then the question is what suffering voices did we hear in the debate, and what kinds of concerns about justice were manifest in the debate, including the questions, but also the answers. [applause] [cheers]

MAHER: Thank God, they just pay me to ask the questions. [laughter] And not – not to understand them.

I don't know about elitism, but spouting nonsensical bullshit knows no racial boundaries.

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