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Anti-Christ Prevention Logic
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So there's a meme floating around the internet that Barack Obama is the anti-christ. Snopes debunks the content of such letters.

But here's what I don't me out on this.

Christians want Jesus to come back, right? And Jesus can't come back until the anti-christ takes over and does his thing, right? So wouldn't they want to go ahead and vote him into power just to get the ball rolling?

I mean, it's been prophesied, dude. You're not going to prevent it. God decreed it. So exactly how useful would it be to know that Obama really is the anti-christ? Is this actually incentive not to vote for him? Wouldn't you just be forestalling the return of Christ the Lord and happy days for all eternity?

So actually, I think Obama should embrace this labeling, and give a nice speech about how he really might be the anti-christ. He can't just come out and say he is, because the anti-christ would never be that transparent. But he could hint at it, which would make people really think he is. And then he could have banners that read "A Vote for Obama is a Vote for the Return of Jesus!"

Think that would work?

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