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When We Left Earth
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I saw the first two hours of the new Discovery Channel documentary mini-series When We Left Earth, which chronicles the history of human space exploration from the early NASA days to the present.

It's narrated by Gary Sinise, who does a pretty good job. The first two hours plow through the Mercury and Gemini programs at a breakneck pace (by the way, half the interviewees pronounced it "Gemi-nee"...blech). The music is a little overbearing, artificially heightening drama where there is no need to embellish. This stuff is about as dramatic as it gets on its own.

On the plus side, there's tons of archival footage, which is pretty awesome. And a lot of the early astronauts are amazingly still alive and available for interview, so there's lots of good interview material.

So if you've got access, give a's good stuff. And for all those people who can't get at all excited about manned space flight...I'm sorry, I just can't relate to you at all.

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