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McCain Old Jokes
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I'm already sick of them.

I know the writers on The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are having to come up with material to fill a half-hour show almost on a daily basis, but come on. The old jokes are shall we say, OLD.

Virtually every McCain joke on those two shows centers around his age, e.g.:

"There's a lot in common with Elvis fans and McCain supporters. McCain supporters still think he's alive."

There are jokes about his enlarged prostate, how he might get distracted by a Murder She Wrote marathon, and on and on. Some are cleverer than others, but in general they're lame, very lowbrow humor.

Look, McCain's been given a clean bill of health. He's as physically and mentally fit to hold office as Obama is, and aiming jokes at him for his age is about as tasteful or funny as aiming jokes at Obama about his race. How do you think a joke about Obama being distracted by a Jeffersons marathon would go over?

I'm not saying the two are equivalent, just that they're in the same class. They're mocking the person based on an inherent characteristic, rather than on what they say or what they do, which is far more important (and generally a lot more funny).

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