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Even as I compose, I've been trying to discern what the point of this entry is. All I've come up with is that it just seemes very peculiar.

I was exploring blogs last night. They're pretty much new territory to me. Specifically I was in search of blogs by published writers, in particular mystery writers, or at least blogs that would be of interest to such people, like me.

Well, there are a lot of blogs out there. And everyone who writes a blog is, by definition, a writer, so its like finding a particular needle in a needlestack.

My search didn't immediately go nowhere. It did lead me to Donna Andrews Then it went nowhere.

So I checked out the Waterboro Public Library (ME) Blog of Literary and Library News and Resources which has carried news about mysteries in adition to its general coverage of writing and publishing. I noticed a reference to the proper format for citations to blogs on Jerz's Literacy Weblog

Surely it couldn't be Dennis G.Jerz, among other things an author of interactive fiction, an interest so estoteric I doubt there are more than a few hundred enthusiasts in the known universe? Actually it was. What are the chances coming upon an If author while searching for mystery writers?

Having found an interesting blog, albeit not the kind I'd sought, I changed tactics and chose a few blogs at random from the Journalscape list of recent entries. Jenn Reese turned out to be a writer of science fiction, a genre I'd stalled out in years ago, but she had a list of other blogging writers.

Why did the name Alan DeNiro stick out? I navigated to his blog. Oh, sure. He'd written a couple intriguing pieces of interactive fiction.

Hold on. How had I found my way back to If again? Out of all the blogs in the world I had to walk into these two.

Since it looked like all I was going to find was something that should be nearly impossible to stumble across, I decided to put the search for authors blogs aside and read O Log , one of the two orienteering blogs I peruse regularly. Although it's as obscure as If in the US, the sport orienteering has some popularity in places like Scandinavia.

I decided to check out blogger Randy Hall's home page which I hadn't done before. Turns out he has many other interests including letterboxing, a mix of treasure hunting, puzzle solving, stamp art, and hiking.

In fact, his book, The Letter Boxer's Companion, was published in October!

Seems like I keep looping back to the same subjects. I don't know what to conclusions to draw, it just seemed very strange. Maybe I am just starting out the new year in a very foggy state of mind.

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