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Too Much Writing
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I didn't intend to concentrate solely on writing when I started to blog. I don't consider myself an expert author. My one attempt to teach a writing course turned out to be one of the biggest fiascos of my life, which is going some. What I wanted, from a blog, was a place where I could be self-indulgent, just jot down whatever was on my mind. The heck with grammar, let alone authorship.

There's a problem with trying to write for publication in that writing becomes less your buddy and more your boss. You have a hard time feeling quite as at ease with it. You can't bring yourself to just hang around dangling your participles. Or I can't.

Recently, as it's turned out, my mind has mostly been on writing. Which tends to happen when I'm deep into some project. When I get in that state, I see the world through an authorial filter. Hence, blog after blog about writing. I reckon in another 5 days I'll not only have said everything I know about writing but everything I think I know.

So I resolved today, to relax a bit, and get my mind off writing, I wouldn't even make an attempt to find a good ending.

Read/Post Comments (2)

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