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Springless Spring
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When I woke up this morning, for the first time since last autumn my digital wristwatch had the right time. Daylight Savings had thoughtfully corrected the hour while I slept. Or maybe while I was lying awake listening to the thunder storm. A lot easier than me finding the directions for the watch in any event.

I always lose the directions which instruct you to "To change time: Push button A, twice, then hold down button C while pushing Button D" or whatever. As far as I can tell every watch in the world works differently. And the chances of hitting on the correct combination by pushing buttons at random must be less than winning the slots.

At least I've never won the digital jackpot. What I usually do is set the alarm. For 3. A.M.! Or for when I'm at the grocery store or some other crowded public place. And, of course, then it is just as impossible to recall how to make the alarm stop beeping. Although "Remove watch and hurl at floor" works.

Probably I should be wearing an old fashioned watch with hands. Springing forward would be easier if my wach had a spring in it. I started using a digital watch when I was running and needed the stopwatch function to see how slow I was moving. Now it's just a habit.

Anyway, I'm all set now. In synch with the world until next fall.

Read/Post Comments (6)

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