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Office Dream
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This morning I woke up too early and went back to sleep. That's usually a mistake. When I do that I tend to have nightmares.

This morning I was wandering the halls of the corporation I haven't worked at for more than a decade. I was feeling vaguely amazed at finding myself there, with no recollection of what had brought me to the place. More importantly, I had the oppressive sense that I was, for some reason, in trouble. So the dream was essentially realistic.

I was soon advised by a former colleague that "they" were looking for me. I was wanted at a meeting with someone or other. Whoever was in charge, I guess. The great and powerful owner of the carpet it was the fate of malefactors to be called upon.

It seems I had been absent too often. Which was quite true. I couldn't remember when I'd been at the office last. In fact, as I tried to explain, I didn't even work there any more. This, of course was no excuse. And besides, my work was unacceptable. I pointed out that my current project was for another company. Why should they care what I was writing for someone else? But there it was. Judged and found wanting yet again.The story of my life.

At which point I woke up for good.

Not a pleasant thing to dream about, but better dreaming than waking up to it every morning.

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