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No Multi Tasking For Me
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I don't have a multi tasking brain. I got my brain a long time ago, before they managed to stuff all those new features into the cranium. NASA hadn't even started in on miniaturization when I was assembled. Kids today can watch tv, do their advanced calculus homework and explore a Gremlin castle on level 56 of the newest computer game while listening to their iPod. (Whatever an iPod is) Or so I've been told. Me, I can't maintain two lines of thought at the same time.

Last week Mary and I began to put together some ideas for the next novel. A change of pace. Not really a mystery. Set in 1895 London.

I went ahead and wrote the prologue and the first short chapter. Seeing as how we don't have a complete plot or even know what the characters look like yet, the 2,000 words will probably all go out the window, but I always like to get something concrete down early on. Having the beginning (or a possible beginning) actually written makes a new project seem more real to me.

But, of course, with my non multi-tasking brain, all ideas for blogs were immediately deleted. Too bad I can't upgrade. These brains are pretty impressive things (even the obsolete models), but technical support is awful.

Anyway, my thoughts seem kind of sluggish this morning. Low on system resources. Time for a caffeine reboot.

Read/Post Comments (6)

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