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It Was Easy
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Ken Franklin, who is active in the Adrift interactive fiction community, reports on his newish blog that he has just put up a brand new Forum. Ken is a computer savvy individual who, by his own admission, enjoys mucking around with more websites than he has content for.

I can sympathize with Ken's dilemma. Even a babbling writer and computer idiot like myself can't find enough to say to take advantage of all the tempting means of communication available via the internet.

Take interactive fiction systems for instance. It's so neat that you can type some weird code that'll make a computer obey your could I resist? I had to try it. But then, there are other languages that'll do the same trick, and Adrift lets you just fill in boxes (more or less). Heck, I've written games in five different systems. Unfortunately, I've only had one decent idea for a game.

Did you know, by the way, that you can find freeware that will convert wordprocessing documents to pdf files? Cool. Not that I have any need to do that. I don't even like pdf actually. My unpublished novel doesn't read any better in pdf. Looks better though.

This blog only exists because Kenny made it so easy. What? Enter your email and you have a blog? Hardly seems possible. Kind of like magic. Gotta try that. Of course then it sits there waiting to be filled. And with what? This? But, as Mike Hammer once said, "It was easy."

Besides, now I can go and post a link to this on Ken's Forum

Read/Post Comments (7)

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