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Writing Like Magic
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Mark Terry's blog provides an excellent look into the sort of juggling act which is necessary for most of us who are full-time writers but not full-time writers of fiction. (A circumstance that is not unheard of) At 9 am he's working on an article about microfluidics. At 3:16 he's making changes in a novel. And in between there are no checks in the mailbox. Tell me about it!

However, all that is about to change. I just left a comment on Mark's blog but I'm feeling genrous today so I'll share it with you:

Mark -- You're not going to have to worry about keeping this kind of schedule any longer. Look at this nifty software I came across yesterday: Smart Author

...imagine what it would be like to have a magic writing device that could instantly materialize almost any type of professional document you could think of... for any assignment, task or project... at the click of a button.

As a writer, wouldn't you find that magic writing device extremely valuable?

Just think of the ability to instantly generate professional documents of almost any kind - at will. For example, let's say you wanted to attract some notoriety for yourself. You could simply activate the magic writing device and say...

"I want an article that I can use to become known as an expert in my field..." And just like magic, the article appears - right before your very eyes.

And here I am using freeware word processors!

Now, Mark, before you race off and order this magic program, I have a favor to ask. I was thinking that writing for the biotech field might be a good bet so I guess I'll be a biotech expert. I know you work in that area. I was wondering if you could advise me what sort of expert I ought to tell this Smart Author program to turn me into? I might pick something that doesn't pay much but only sounds impressive. For $197 I don't want to be just any old expert. "Microfluidics guru Eric Mayer" sounds kind of cool, but does it pay well?

Obviously you've got first dibs and I don't want to poach on your territory, so to speak, so you go ahead and pick first, then let me know what's the next best expert to be. Thanks.

Once I'm generating all these professional documents so quickly I figure I'll have more time for writing novels. Of course, by the time my expert's checks start rolling in Smart Writer might have a "novel module." Maybe I should start looking at villas in the south of France.

Read/Post Comments (2)

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