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Nothing to Write
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I can see from the puny contents on my JournalScape home page that it has been a bad blogging month.

During the few years I've been -- very sporadically -- writing entries, I've noticed that my inspiration goes in cycles. Either I have a flood of ideas or none at all. I'm wildly enthusiastic about composing blogs or never want to try and think of a snappy few paragraphs ever again. Clearly I am the equivalent of a blogging manic depressive. If I were in one of my inspired phases I could probably think of a catchy phase for the condition. But I can't buy a phrase when I'm not in the phase. (See? Wasn't that just pathetic?)

When inspiration and enthusiasm lag, nothing seems blogworthy. Right now Mary is searching the internet trying to find out what holds our heads on. Why don't our heads just fall off? Yet we can turn them. Pretty impressive, when you think about it, which I don't very often, for some reason. Frankly, I'm just not up to explaining it.

Aside from that, the cat is sleeping. There's a limit to how often you can milk a sleeping cat. "Oh, yeah," people will begin to say, "That's the blog about how the guy's cat is always asleep." What kind of a blog is that?

My back is twinging. Not quite a real out and out pain, nothing I'd even notice if the sensation didn't, once in a great while, lead to a spinal lock up. Probably says something about my age, but I've written almost as much about my age as my sleeping cat.

Have you ever noticed, the JournalScape design is attractive when one writes lots of entries in a month, but excruciatingly drab when one doesn't? Very annoying. Perhaps Kenny should implement a feature that would change the layout of the page, to something flashier, and more distracting, when the ratio of entries to days passed descends to a certain level.

Read/Post Comments (2)

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