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Some days are just not blogging days. Some days my brain feels like a Dali watch. Last week we had five more days of record setting heat, topping out at 97 degrees and you and I both hope I don't need to write about that again.

So, yesterday the temperatures dropped to a couple degrees above normal and I raced around mowing lawn and patching the porch roof and doing all the other chores I swore I wouldn't do when it was 97. (And I was true to my word too).

I came back in knackered and tried to do a little legal writing and then decided to write a blog. I stared at the screen and all I could think was, like, man, did you ever realize that regular insurance insures you against something that might happen in the future but title insurance insures you against something that might've happened in the past? Far out!

If there's a clever ending to this I'm damned if I can find it.

Read/Post Comments (3)

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