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Journal Meme
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I've been suffering from blogger's block. However, Kenny has come to the rescue with this journal meme.

Rules: Post the first sentence of your first journal entry for each month in 2005.

Ted Rall's cartoon today makes use of the regrettable tendency of some pundits to draw comparisons between whatever they see as threatening America and those poor old failed and fallen Romans (who only lasted a couple thousand years).

Yesterday the kids next door were out in the snow hitting a whiffle ball.

If your computer's going to go south, you know it's going to do it just when you're finishing revision on a book and in the middle of a snowstorm.

A few days ago The Wall Street Journal profiled prolific book reviewer Harriet Klausner, A Novel Heroine.

There's no chance of my writing anything interesting today.

I don't have a multi tasking brain.

From time to time Mary does an internet sweep to check up on our books -- who's reviewing them, what they're being sold for, where all those arcs that were never reviewed are being sold.

Do things ever change for the better?

About two minutes ago, googling, I spotted the first review of Six For Gold

Awards For Editors Pod-dy-Mouth writes entertainingly and informatively about self-publishing.
[Oops. Left the title in with the text. Well, it's never too late to find your mistakes. At least it proves I'm not constantly going back and admiring my genius!]

November's starting late at this blog.

Yesterday I copied to our website a quote from the most recent review of Six for Gold.

My conclusion is that I must either avoid writing a first entry for my journal each month or start the first entry with its second sentence.

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