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Dave Burton writes to tell me that the 13th issue of his fanzine, CATCHPENNY GAZETTE, is available for downloading.

It's once again done as a PDF intended to be printed rather than read on-screen.

This issue features Eric Mayer's "Notes From Byzantium" column about an old science fiction TV show, archival storage of information, and typewriters; Dave Locke describing a visit to an unusual used-book store; Chris Garcia's "Found In Collection," about finding a "Rule 6" button; a lettercolumn; and my editorial reminiscing about my childhood.

It can be downloaded from or from (File size is approximately 300K)

Readers of this blog may have noticed that during the past few weeks most of my entries have referred to material outside JournalScape. Am I all blogged out? Wait, didn't I ask that question already, recently? Am I beginning to repeat myself, again?

Even though my entries here are short and sporadic I see I've blogged around 60,000 words this year. For me that's a lot. It's a short novel. Not that I would be able to write a novel a few hundred words at a time, in fifteen or twenty minute stretches. At least I don't think I could. I've never tried.

Years ago, most of what I write today for the internet wouldn't have made it into print or even onto typewriter paper, I suspect. Ideas and random thoughts would appear, suggest themselves as subject matter, then vanish into my mental undergrowth, unwritten and soon forgotten.

Reducing ideas to words, in the days of typewriters and whiteout was difficult. And if I had pounded out three or four tiny essays a week on my old Smith-Corona, whatever would I have done with them?

Now it's so easy to word process and post to the internet that it makes sense to trap those ideas rather than letting them wander off. Who'd have guessed they might ever begin to run out?

Maybe I'll come up with more ideas in the spring, when I can get out. Things are bound to get more interesting. Maybe I'll arrange to kayak down the Amazon or something.

Read/Post Comments (2)

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